SENER is to attend Power-GEN Africa

12/07/2017 (South Africa)
SENER is to attend Power-GEN Africa

SENER is to take part in the largest energy event in the region, Power-GEN Africa, a platform for industry experts and key players to come together to exchange knowledge and encounter technology capable of creating a brighter future for African power. The event, held in Johannesburg from 18 to 20 July, covers the entire power generation spectrum, renewable, fossil fuels, nuclear and addresses the technology needs of utilities and power distributors.

At this exhibition, SENER will showcase its most remarkable projects in renewable energy, power, oil & gas ranging from solar thermal plants, including Bokpoort, Kathu and Ilanga I to LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) projects including Dunkirk and Zeebrugge regasification plants and FSRU’s (Floating storage regasification units).

CSP leader

SENER has participated in nearly 30 solar thermal projects in South Africa, Morocco, Spain and USA representing 2,060 MWe installed or under construction, and saving over 5,300,000 CO2 tons per year. SENER has unparalleled know-how when it comes to further improving the main components of facilities, from the solar field to the central tower receiver, the hybridization with other processes, the fluid properties, the troughs (SENER is now in the second generation of its SENERtrough® system, designed and patented by the company, but is still working on improvements), heliostats, instrumentation, etc. It can optimize the processes from the conceptual definition of the plant to the integration of all technology, since in these plants - whose source, solar irradiation, is not constant - it is vital for their proper functioning.

SENER has also pioneered the application of technological solutions for central tower and heliostat plants such as the high concentration receiver system and high-temperature molten-salt storage system. In central tower plants, the same configuration as that successfully applied by SENER at Gemasolar (Spain) and now, currently under construction, in NOORo III (Morocco).

Projects in South Africa

SENER has been working in South Africa since 2013, with the engineering design and construction of the Bokpoort CSP plant, and is currently participating in Kathu and Ilanga 1 solar thermal power plants, as a member of the turnkey construction consortium. In these three projects, SENER supplies key technology such as the SENERtrough® parabolic trough collectors, designed and patented by SENER, and the molten salt storage system, capable of operating in the absence of irradiation and, therefore, of delivering dispatchable electricity to the grid.


SENER also has capabilities in Gas solution: Liquefied Natural Gas: Regasification Terminals, Floating Storage Regasification Units (FSRU), Liquefaction, Virtual Gas Pipeline and Off-Shore LNG.

In all its LNG projects, SENER also provides the added value of its knowledge in the areas of both port engineering, a sector in which it has worked on important loading and unloading jetties, and marine engineering and architecture. 

SENER also develops open cycle and combined cycle plants. In all of these, SENER applies the technology that fits best in each case and designs power plants for any configuration with the world’s leading OEMs. Its portfolio of past works in this type of plant totals over 10,000 MWe of installed capacity throughout the world. Its portfolio of references includes natural gas treatment plants, gas pipelines, natural gas compressor stations, fuel storage terminals, and underground gas storage systems. Of particular note are the projects for plants to refine used oils to produce new base lubricants, where SENER uses its own patented technology.


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